Entrepreneurship education empowers students with essential tools needed for collegiate and career success.


About Rising Starters™

Rising Starters™ is a high school pitch competition that develops an entrepreneurial mindset in students. Participating students will gain essential skills that prepare students to face life’s challenges. Students who have an entrepreneurial mindset and practice in these skills are more successful and appealing to colleges and employers.

Why Is Entrepreneurship Education Important?

Encouraging students’ endeavors and properly nurturing the entrepreneurial mindset requires experiential learning opportunities. Opportunities such as Rising Starters™ allow students to practice and hone invaluable skills needed in their future collegiate and career paths. Below are a few essential skills that are developed throughout the course of the Rising Starters™ pitch competition:

  • Leadership
    Students may work on an idea independently or collaboratively with a team. They are expected to take initiative, develop original ideas and ensure their idea is well researched throughout the process of their high school’s competition and the Rising Starters™ pitch competition at Drexel University.
  • Communication
    Students communicate with a faculty representative and their team to effectively convey their vision, goals and research findings. The winners of the individual high schools’ pitch competition will then present a full pitch to judges at Drexel University, complete with a description of their product or service and SWOT analysis.
  • Creativity
    Students learn how to take an idea, conceptualize a plan and utilize their creativity to solve a problem. Encouraging creativity allows students to learn how to think on their feet and conquer obstacles.
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